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Wetterbericht, Varna


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The Bulgarian monasteries in:
Rila Mountain, Pirin Mountain, Rhodopes Mountain, Balkan (Stara Planina) Mountain, Vitosha Mountain, rock monasteries

The most important rock monasteries:

Aladzha Monastery
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The rock Monasteries and Churches near Ivanovo. A complex of churches, cloisters and monastic cells are carved in the rocks along the Russenski Lom River. In the 13th -14th centuries, it was a scholarly and cultural center and a holy place visited by pilgrims from Russia. Wall paintings and inscriptions that preceded the ones in the Boyana church denote the highly developed culture of medieval Bulgaria. This center is a cultural monument on the UNESCO world natural and cultural heritage list.

The Aladzha Monastery near the Golden Sands resort also dates from the time of the Second Bulgarian Kingdom - 12th -14th centuries and was likely inhabited until the 18th century. Only a few damaged fragments have survived from the wall paintings; the church had a wood carved iconostasis.

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