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The Dolphinarium

In 1984 one of the most significant tourist attractions of Varna was found – the dolphinarium in the Seaside Park. It is a favorite spot for both local residents and tourists. The organized attractions and its architecture are unique in the country.

The dolphinarium was constructed for seven months, with architect Simeon Saraliev in charge of operations. The building is a light aerial construction in the form of glass cube with measures 30x30 metres and height 14 metres, and was open for visitors on August 19th 1984. Stairways connect the lobbies and the audience hall with its 1200 seats capacity. In the middle is the main pool for performances with 6 metres in diameter and 3 metres in depth and additional smaller pool. The water needed for the pools is brought from distance 80 metres in sea through a special duct and pumping installation. It circulates constantly through a system of filters, while the desinfection and purification are automatic. The total volume of water in both pools is 1200 cubic metres, every twenty-four hours about 100 cubic metres being purified. The installations, including dosing, filtering and ventilation devices, are under the audience hall. It is an amusing fact that all the pools and installations were constructed after the main holding structure.

The same month Varna meets its first dolphins Pipi, Popi, Reina and Split. They all are Tursiops truncatus and were caught in Guatemalan waters. Later new dolphins were brought and some were born in the dolphinarium. Now Pipi, Doli, Kimbo and Yoana take part in the performances, even though Pipi is in her 30s now and appearing rarely. In 2001 is Yoana’s debut – she and Presi were born here. The performances start with 3 to 4 a day, later increased to 6 a day. Since 1990 they are 3 a day, because of the dolphins overture risk. The first coach of our dolphins was the German Peter Bozeneker.

http://varna.info.bg/dolphinarium2.jpgThe dolphins have a six days “working” week, Monday being their relaxation day. This schedule has never been changed. They receive their daily food at 5 or 6 portions, only during training and performances. Their menu contains of 8-10 kg perch pike, sprat, sardines, and their favorite delicates – the herring.  The trainings include old elements of the performances, as well as new techniques.  The visitors enjoy most of all when dolphins walk on their tails over the water, catch fish from the coach’s mouth, sing. In the moment they are practicing human participation in the pool. Soon new trainees are expected in the dolphinarium – sea lions.

Visitors can enjoy the dolphins playing in the small pool while expecting the performances through the panoramic coffee bar. 

A short time ago the dolphin family was completed with one new member – on June 29th 2001 was born the small female dolphin Pepi.


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